Markham, Ontario

Scholastic commenced a project to consolidate its six distinct metro Ontario facilities into a single, new out-of-the-ground Scholastic Canada division.  Working with a local architect and in-house project management, their efforts proved fruitless, and well into the project schedule programming interviews had not even begun. G3 was retained to address the crisis.  In response, we developed criteria for, and conducted and completed the entire programming effort in under six weeks.  Following this, working with the team, we developed overall planning, site and building design criteria for the development, organizing the functional elements into three discrete parts of the overall complex, separating offices from the warehouse/shipping areas by a zone of communal spaces (employee cafeteria, conference center, day care facility, human resources group, and main reception).  Following this, we provided test fit studies of alternate developer sites in concert with financial analyses by other members of the team.  Following selection of the developer, we worked with the local building architect in the final location of building core elements, parking, and site ingress and egress, as well as material selections.  G3 also provided all interior architecture for the project.  Even though the project suffered the three-month lapse at commencement with a different team, Scholastic Canada’s new headquarters was brought on line on time and within budgetary constraints, and is still viewed as Scholastic’s greatest development success.