International Investment Bank, Cafeteria

New York, NY

This International Investment Firm occupies several floors in midtown Manhattan. One quarter of one of those floors was identified as an appropriate and available location for a new cafeteria to serve their 2,500 employees in the building. To make this relatively small space functional for the intended quantity of users, and to make it a valuable addition to their space portfolio, G3 worked with food consultants, equipment providers, and a cafeteria operator to imagine and create a highly efficient, mostly “to-go” version of a corporate cafeteria. Employees can order food online for timed pickup, or stop by impromptu to enjoy several levels of food service from quick coffees and smoothies, to custom made salads, to full multi-course dining options. A small standing/high seating area encourages brief stops and high turnover for those who choose to stay. The design palette is dominated by white and grey – a clean and “stark” background intended to let the colorful and carefully prepared foods take center stage. A playful theme of wood, branches, and wood-like elements weaves through unifying the design accents.