Guttenberg Apartments

Hudson County, NJ

G3 designed this new multi-family apartment building with 39 one-bedroom apartments and 2 levels of structured parking providing 39 parking spaces on a mid-block site a few blocks from the Hudson River. Building features include a green roof and tenant fitness center. Five of the apartments are luxury one-bedroom layouts with duplex sleeping areas. Automated car-elevators are used to connect below-grade parking to the street-level parking. The building was also designed to meet LEED-Silver standards.


  • New ground up multi-family building with internal parking
  • (39) one bedroom apartments, (5) of which are duplexes
  • (39) parking spaces – lower level parking spaces are accessed by two tenant-operated car elevators


  • Roof deck garden and green roof
  • Fitness center

Project Timeline

  • Started – 2014
  • Approved Sept 2015
  • Construction drawings completed June 2016.
  • Currently in bidding/permitting phase.