BNP Paribas - Innovation Zone

New York, NY

Like many employers, our long term client BNP Paribas is exploring what work means in 2016: how it is done, where it is done, what environment can best facilitate that work, and how to attract and retain the best young staff. As a means of exploring those issues in real time/real space, an in-progress swing space project was repurposed into a facility open to and inviting the entire population of their headquarters building in New York City. This space is composed of a teleconferencing room; part of their network of conference rooms throughout the building, a “laboratory space” intended to be assigned to house specific short term projects within the bank, a café which will feature coffees and fresh foods, and a lounge. The lounge space features an array of informal and intentionally flexible furniture settings for individual work, group meetings and impromptu collaboration. The image of the space has been left intentionally raw with exposed structure and ductwork complemented by industrial materials creating an intentionally casual atmosphere.

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