Anti-Defamation League- Lobby

New York, NY

G3 developed a rooftop expansion to meet ADL’s need to accommodate large meetings for up to 200 persons. The expansion married a new steel structure to the existing concrete frame, clad in stucco-faced Styrofoam panels in order to minimize the additional weight. The interior space became the new meeting room housing up to 225 people with a full kitchen, a storage area, a state-of-the-art multimedia system and a new handicapped-accessible elevator.
Built in the early 1950’s, the ADL headquarters building lobby served as the entry point for employees and guests, as well as for freight and deliveries. The challenging aspect of the lobby redesign was to satisfy ADL’s strict security requirements. As one of the nation’s leaders in compiling information on bias crimes and discrimination, the ADL requires that all deliveries and personnel not regularly entering the building be isolated and cleared under strict surveillance. We designed a series of portals that allow the free flow of employees and pre-cleared guests, while controlling messengers and freight deliveries. Staff and guests are greeted by a concierge and cleared through an optical turnstile equipped with a proximity card reader into a control vestibule.